Apophysis Open Source Fractal Editor

Fractal created using Apophysis

Fractal created using Apophysis

I’ve been trying out Apophysis Fractal Editor – an open source fractal program. Oh what pretty pictures it makes. But…..

And the but is that while it’s easy enough to turn out a pretty pic, I ended up with them mostly by accident. It’s a difficult thing to control, not helped by the fact that there’s no help files – there’s a Help button but clicking it gets you nowhere. And that’s the problem with open source programs, because it’s made by a small team of three people in their spare time, I guess you’ve got to wait for them to write the help files and user documentation. But it does mean that it’s free to download and use, and for that we should all be grateful.

There’s a zillion things to adjust, and I can’t pretend that I understand all of them, but it does guarantee that you’ll end up with a unique image, although there’s a generic quality to many of them, as you’ll see after a while.

Download Apophysis from….

And if you want to see what the real experts do with it, look at these pics….


~ by slconceptual on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “Apophysis Open Source Fractal Editor”

  1. Wow. amazing! the colors, dimensions,shapes just mind boggling…wow! thanks for the share.

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