Animated Growable Tree For Second Life.

This is an attempt to make a growing tree in the virtual world of Second Life.
Note that this video is speeded up somewhat.

The tree goes through several phases……

The Berry Phase.
You set out the berry on your land, click it to set some options, then click start.

Weather Phase
A small cloud appears over the berry, trthunder is heard and lightning strikes it.
It then starts to rain on the berry.

Growth Phase.
The berry turns into a random small bush, which grows up until it becomes a tree.

Blossom Phase.
The tree becomes covered with blossom, which eventually falls off and blows away in thewind.

Fruiting Phase.
The tree starts dropping fruit onto the ground.
If you or a visitor click the fruit, you’ll get a free one prim random shrub for your garden.
The fruit disappear after a while.

The Death Phase.
After it has fruited, the tree will turn black and die, and will then fade away to nothing.

Another berry will appear from the ashes of the tree and the whole process begins again.

And oh yes – it’s only one prim.


~ by slconceptual on January 28, 2009.

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