The JetPack Is Finally Here – And It Works!

I’ve made my own Second Life Version of the fabled jetpack, and it’s much better than the real ones that have a flight time of only around a minute, and are probaly the most dangerous forms of transport on the planet.

But now there’s the Jetlev Flyer, a real world jetpack that works and is actually useable, and not too dangerous.

It works by dragging a hose and compressor behind it, over water only. The compressor sends pressurised water up the hose to the jetpack which keeps you in the air. And because you’re over water, and only able to fly as high as the hose allows, it’s nowhere near as dangerous as the peroxide fuelled versions.

They claim a top speed of around 46mph and an altitude limit of around 50ft. Which is limiting, but hey it’s a jetpack, and it works. How cool is that?


~ by slconceptual on February 3, 2009.

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