Windows Vista A Bigger Fiasco Than Second Life?

According to, Second Life is up for an award as one of the biggest fiascos of the year. Go and vote if you think differently.

“The hope of the organizers is that the Fiasco Awards become a popular Award. Since its launching, the project has received through the web 23 nominations for the 2009 Fiasco Awards. Among these, the jury has chosen nine finalists: Google Lively; Windows Vista; Second life; Autonomix, the Free Software packs distributed by Public Administrations; Maresme Digital;; DAB, the digital radio; and SAGA, the Administration and Academic Management System of the Catalan Government.”

Although it seems to me that classing Second Life (been around for almost nine years now) in with Google Lively (lifetime five months) is a bit harsh.


~ by slconceptual on February 27, 2009.

One Response to “Windows Vista A Bigger Fiasco Than Second Life?”

  1. I call the Fiasco Awards the real fiasco, if their best takeaway is this:

    “What have we learnt out of it?
    Applications, games and social networks must evolve with time. At first, a downloadable Second Life made sense, but currently it has become obsolete if compared to competitors on the Internet, accessible just a click away. One has to make it easy to achieve success.”

    Umm.. exactly which competitors are they talking about who’ve made SL “obsolete”? And specifically, which ones that are web-based? Last I’ve seen, Secondlife still leads the pack in virtual worlds, and usership continues to steadily grow. While there definitely have been a few fiascos *within* Secondlife, I’d think writing off the whole platform already is stupid.

    Let’s maybe wait to see a bonafide web-based success before calling SL a fail?

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