Landscape Of The Wind – Art From The Atmosphere

Landscape of the Wind

This is a variation on my Art from Clouds & Wind piece.

In this one I’m using the wind to change not just the colors of the components, but also letting the wind velocity adjust the height of the  individual components of the landscape to obtain a kind of rolling hills effect that is constantly changing..

Just to give you a sense of scale, that’s me in the middle of the picture above.

In the gallery below, I was playing around with changing the attributes of the actual component parts.

I would love to show you a video of it in action, but SL was working against me and ruined every attempt that I tried to video it. Boo hoo.


~ by slconceptual on March 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Landscape Of The Wind – Art From The Atmosphere”

  1. Really nice though i like these without that straight horizontal line – best.

  2. You never fail to amaze and delight, Gaynor. I look forward to seeing this “in person” sometime.

  3. I haven’t got the prims to leave it up – so it only tends to get set up in sandboxes.

  4. I ‘d really love to see the video!!!

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