A Manifesto

The really, really, interesting stuff in Second Life is the stuff you can’t do in the real world. Forget the pitched roofed buildings, the low res vehicles, the autistic geek avatars, – these are the re-creations of an external reality – mere reproduction.

Expand your mind. Enter the dreamtime. Imagine and create something that you couldn’t ever possibly make in the real world.

This is a blog of a serious artistic intention to do things that can’t be done in other places, to do things that are unique to the environment in which they were created. And this environment is Second Life – an interactive two dimensional representation of a three dimensional digital world.

There’s also a secondary function to show some of the best art created in Second Life by the many photographers and artists that inhabit the place.

 Gaynor Gritzi – Second Life Avatar

Hello World, originally uploaded by Gaynor Gritzi.


8 Responses to “A Manifesto”

  1. You know, been thinking about this lately. Like most folks my initial attempts at building were modeled after existing reality. But SL isn’t limited to that. I vow to attempt to bend reality a bit in future building attempts. Enough of that and we might really change the world…

  2. I just dance, I stink at building, but I love to dance! I enjoyed your dance hud you made, thank you! It joins a huge collection of dances I’ve been collecting since day one of my SL existence, and now dance movements I’ve been learning to create. I know of some of your work through Fey’s. I look forward to reading your blog too 😎

  3. Of course, of course — in manifesto is where I should start. Actually, months ago – NPR program mentioned about Second Life. Right there I joined…downloaded and installed and found out that my machine did not pass the specification.

  4. My machine doesn’t pass the specs for some of Second Life’s features either – but it can still work. Just ignore the error message and proceed ahead – you should still be able to get it to work, though without some features.

  5. Let’s get technical. The computer I have should be in the land fill right now but because of my attachment.I purchased my computer from Gateway 2000 Windows 98 – Pentium III 500 Mhz – 128 RAM – 10 Gigs hard drive. The monitor I used is still from my HP Windows 95 first edition computer way back 1996. The solution I guess is buy a new monitor and/or upgrade my video card. RAM could no longer be upgraded 256 max. I might consider upgrading my hard drive. I can still use XP-in it and Ubuntu and I’ll start from there. The question do I have the time to do all the stuff? Ya, I’ll stay with blogging for now. I guess, that is all I can share for now. Thanks!

  6. I do agree with this manifesto. But for most of us, our real lives actually are seriously constrained. Imagine a builder who dreams of working with Frank Lloyd Wright on his project Fallingwater. Only in Second life is he allowed to build for the famous architect and realize that dream to share this fabulous virtual rendering with everyone who is unable to visit this home in Real Life. Builders have drams too.

  7. Builders have DREAMS too

  8. There are times when I prefer a dram to a dream too.

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