Alien Invasion In A Box

Alien Invasion In A Box!
alien invasion

In the time of the retro future, on a dark and moody night, a mysterious alien ringed planet appeared above your land. While you and your friends were admiring the awesome beauty of the unexpected attraction, the peace was disturbed by a horrendous cry – “DEATH TO ALL HUMANS!”

As the planet rotated, it spawned, first one, then another UFO, then a whole fleet of 1950s flying saucers. Like a George Adamski* nightmare, it quickly becomes apparent that the alien UFOs are here to invade your land and exterminate the Human Race.In a scene reminiscent of the space battle scene from Star Wars, dozens of alien spacecraft fly around you at frightening speed forcing you to run for cover.


The Alien Invasion In A Box consists of a beautiful ringed alien planet, which you set out above your land.

The planet is only two prims, which is all the prim count  that will be taken up by the invasion. The planet will rez up to 60 Adamski style flying saucers (the exact number depends on the size of your property), which are temp-on-rez, and so count nothing towards the prim count.

It has been constructed to be as simple to use as possible and you can turn the invasion on and off simply by clicking the planet.

The planet should be positioned a minimum of 15m above ground/house level, and the UFOs will fly at a distance of 15/20m from it.

The Alien Invasion In A Box is Transfer but not Copy or Mod.

 You can buy The Alien Invasion In A Box at SLExchange……

You can buy The Alien Invasion In A Box inworld at….

The UFOs fly courtesy of a swarm script from the LSL Wiki by Apotheus Silverman.

*George Adamski was the progenitor and grandfather of all the lunatic fringe UFO cults that are around today.
Read more about him here….

More Pictures – Click through for bigger versions……
Alien Invasion In A Box 085

Alien Invasion In A Box 172

Alien Invasion In A Box 136

Alien Invasion In A Box 009

Alien Invasion In A Box 139


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