One Prim Trees – Low Cost Landscaping

These one prim trees will be the perfect addition to your land. They’re fun, attractive and cutting edge. They’re stylised and stylish.

They come in packs of ten, and all ten trees are different.

Crafted from sculpted prims, these trees are only 1 prim each, are very low texture, and as a result are very fast loading. They are also set to phantom as a default.

Reduce the size to turn them into bushes and topiary.

Replace those disappointing slow loading cardboard cut-out trees from Linden labs with real 3 dimensional trees in the round and save yourself a load of prims at the same time.

These trees come in two versions.

One set is No Copy and No Mod but are transferrable and are are only $100L for a pack of ten – good for a small plot or for a test piece.

The other set is COPY and MOD, but are No Transfer. You can copy as many as you want to fill your land and change the size and proportions. These are only $500L for a pack of ten – all different.

Buy the one prim tree packs inworld at……

Buy the No Mod No Copy one prim tree packs at SLExchange….

Buy the Copy & Mod one prim tree packs at SLExchange….

1 Prim Sculpted Trees - Copyable

1 Prim Sculpted Trees - NoCopy

one prim sculpted trees 001

one prim sculpted trees 011

one prim sculpted trees 014


6 Responses to “One Prim Trees – Low Cost Landscaping”

  1. Hi, Gaynor! Is there a way of talking to you about your trees?

  2. What did you want to know?

  3. I would like to know how you did this one prim tree and also how was the script part from that video that shows the tree growing. I’m an student from Columbia University and currently doing research using Second Life and need to build something using a tree like this one for an experiment. I tried to buy the tree on the provided links but it was not possible. Thank you!

  4. Yes sorry they’re not available any more – I just don’t have the bandwidth to use SL these days. The trees were created with Sculptypaint……
    Rokuro may also be useful to you (it’s a lathe program)…..

    The script was (if memory serves) a fairly simple script to increase the size of the sculpted prim incrementally at regular intervals – though calling any SL script simple is a bit of a stretch if you’re new to it.

    This is probably not as much help as you were hoping for but I hope it helps some.

  5. It helps a lot! I have no experience at all with 3d modeling stuff but I believe I can handle it. Thank you!

  6. Glad to be of help. Good luck with it.

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