Giant Prim Escapes From Second Life

A giant prim has escaped from Second Life and was last seen heading off to sea. I have no idea what’s going on here – it comes from a Japanese web site, and Google translate doesn’t help any. See the original here…..



~ by slconceptual on March 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Giant Prim Escapes From Second Life”

  1. HA! Nice one, Gaynor!

  2. that so rocks!!!! omg! XD

  3. Hi this is a projection room Made by Jean Nouvel in Switserland on the same lake Neuchatel where Diller and Scofidio made there Cloud Blur building for Swiss Expo 2002. It was a great exhibition but they are all gone ! just build for a summer.It was called the Monolith at Murten

  4. Okay, you. Where are you? I miss you. Come back. And, who cares how long it took me to write this to you. *laughs* I’m slow, but eventually I =do= notice things.

  5. …and I wondered why it is not in my Lost and Found folder….

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